To start with I want to remind you that sex was Godís idea. The Bible says that when God created man, he made them male and female. And God said that everything he created was good. So sex is good-but thereís a catch. . .

Sex is good. . .provided that we obey Godís rules! And there are two. . .

Rule 1. . . commitment.

Sex was created by God for the permanent relationship of marriage. Jesus said, for this reason a man shall leave his parents and go with his wife. . .and the two shall be one-a permanent uniting. . .and what God has joined together let not man separate.

Rule 2. . .modesty.

Unlike animals humans have a strong innate sense of modesty about sex, and men and their wives always wait until they are alone before having sex. This is because we are made in the image of God, and among other things we share the sense of modesty that God himself has. God is never loud or vulgar. . .it was said of Jesus that he will not shout or raise his voice or make loud speeches in the streets.

So what is wrong? We started to disobey God and everything started to go wrong. At first we were naked and were not ashamed, but then we are trying to cover ourselves by sewing leaves together because we realise we are naked-exposed ,vulnerable-to all the exploitation and wrongdoing that has ruined it for everyone ever since we turned away from God.

What then? Godís protecting presence is withdrawn.We are exposed to the ravages of nature and the predations of animals.Worse still to the predations of other humans.

Is that it? No. God said, the seed [descendant] of the woman shall crush the head of the snake and it shall bruise his heel . . .countless generations later Jesus came, born of the virgin Mary, Son of God, to live a perfect life and to

die on a cross [bitten on his heel] to pay for our sins and destroy the hold that the devil has on us through providing a way back to God!

On the third day he rose from death, so that all who repent of their sins can be saved through trusting Jesus to save them. He will help them to leave the ruin that sexual and other sins have done in their lives and help them start again.

You may think that Genesis 1-3 is just a story about morality, but because God has placed this story in his Bible, he is committed to supporting the principles it contains.

Which means that if you disobey God your life will become a jungle of suffering and danger but if you repent and turn to Jesus, the helper he promised would come, you can hope for a better future.