You must give up the habits of the drug culture-the habits of the people that surround you in the drugs scene.

The culture of unemployment.


You must do all you can to get employment. Take classes in English and Arithmetic to better your reading, writing and calculating skills, essential for almost any work. Take all the training on offer. No sitting around the house watching videos. Do voluntary work,poorly paid work, anything to get you started. With patience you will get on, but laziness is a doorway to worse things.


The culture of dishonesty.


Dishonesty is not just stealing from shops and breaking into cars and houses. It is the whole attitude of wanting to take,take and give nothing to help others. It includes cheating and fraud, particularly mean when people are conned into trusting you and you take advantage of them. Since God is everything there is of generosity and kindness, He is deeply displeased with people when they behave like this, and will eventually judge them.


The culture of sexual immorality.


God is rigidly strict about this. Sex is only to be within the bounds of a life long contract of commitment to the partner of the opposite sex, in other words, marriage. Otherwise sex becomes the worst sort of selfish pleasure seeking with no regard to the wellbeing either of the partner or the children. The results in the shape of complete community breakdown, with people everywhere rejecting responsibility for others, is obvious to all. God warns repeatedly in the Bible that he will judge those who are immoral [have casual sex] or who commit adultery[have sex with someone else's wife].


Steps to healing.


Yes healing. Your soul is sick because of all the bad attitudes you have indulged in, all the bad ways in which you have behaved. You need to repent-to tell God that you are sorry and want to change. You need to trust Jesus to save you from the consequences of your sins, the punishment that sin brings, but which he took when he died for everyone on the cross 2000 years ago! He will help you to clean up the mess in your life and the lives of those you have hurt. You may have to apologise to some people as part of the healing process, others may be beyond your reach. He will help you to feel less empty and hopeless. To meet helpful people. To feel better about your life, that there is a worthwhile reason to go on, doing things for God and for other people. Restoring community where there was complete uncaring.


Living Water.


Get a copy of an easy read version of the Bible such as the Living Bible. Read through it. Let it wash away the dirt- the bad attitudes we all have, that prevent God from doing His healing work. Keep reading it, a little at a time, to keep the rotten attitudes of the mean life you are leaving from leaking in again.